TweetBeep – Tweeting your way to success!

TweetBeep is an alerts tool for the Twitter social media platform, just like Google alerts is for Google. Using this tool, you can easily get email alerts whenever someone tweets about you, your website, your products, your service or your company.

Let’s provide you with a brief overview of TweetBeep and tell you about some important tips to help you better manage your and/or your business’ reputation the Twitter platform. We’re Twitter lovers like you and are doing our bit to help people optimize their Twitter experience overall.

Anyone who loves Twitter or manages his/her company’s Twitter handle, has to have TweetBeep, a Twitter web app, for online reputation management. Using Tweet beep you can get all such updates (known as TweetBeep alerts or Twitter alerts) to email every hour of the day! Furthermore, you are even provided with information on people tweeting about you. This information can be extracted even if the person is using a shortened URL (using tools like or to hide the identity your website or blog.

TweetBeep tool is very important from the perspective of online reputation management as it catches all the @mentions and @replies, helping you stay constantly updated about networking/job opportunities, your favorite pastime as well as many other things, via TweetBeep alerts.

Apart from the free version of the TweetBeep tool, the developer released the Tweet Beep premium version, wherein users could upgrade their account to avail more number of Twitter alerts (or Tweetbeeps). The TweetBeep premium version offered 15-minute tweet alerts and a maximum of 200 keywords’ alerts at a nominal fee of $ 20 per month (without any advertisements). The premium version enabled people to create an alert and quickly respond to the relevant tweets, ensuring swift damage control (in case of any negative tweets). One could sign up for a free TweetBeep account and then click the upgrade link to avail the TweetBeep premium tool. If you’re a regular tweeter, a tool like Tweet beep could be a godsend for your reputation management on this social media platform.

Different TweetBeep Upgrade Options

Following are the different TweetBeep upgrade options that were available to the users:

Free of cost account – Track 5 keywords, receive daily alerts and avail a maximum of 50 results/email.

$ 5 per month account – Track 25 keywords, receive hourly keyword updates apart from daily alerts and avail a maximum of 50 results/email.

$10 per month account – Track 50 keywords, receive hourly keyword updates apart from daily alerts and avail a maximum of 50 results/email.

$20 per month – Track 200 keywords, receive keyword updates every 15 minutes, zero advertisements apart from regular daily alerts and avail a maximum of 1000 results/email.

6 ways you can effectively manage and protect your reputation on Twitter

Are you someone who regularly uses Twitter to market his/her business? What do you think of your own or your business’ Twitter reputation?

The short form messages that you broadcast through Twitter require the same kind of attention and care that is normally given to Facebook updates or any other long-form social media platform.

Let’s go over 6 important ways in which you can effectively manage and protect your reputation on Twitter:

Verify each and everything that you tweet

It is common knowledge that false information spreads very quickly, just like wildfire, on the Twitter platform. It’s common to see celebrities die an untimely death and resurrect each day on Twitter! Inaccurate information and news gets swift exposure; bad links gets shared quickly and misattributed quotes can get retweeted tens of thousands of times in a matter of few minutes!

The main reason of using a Twitter account for yourselves and/or your business establishment should be to use it in the form of a reliable information source. Any time you tweet or retweet any link from this account, you must always ensure that the link actually leads to something genuine and that the pertinent news story is accurate.

This can be made sure by selecting content only and only from reliable sources. Any tweet must be sent from your account only if you are 100% sure about the accuracy and truth of the shared content.

Focus on relationships before attempting any sales

One of the most frequently made mistakes made by people as managers or owners of businesses on Twitter is that they try selling to their followers and audiences even before making any sort of connection with them.

You cannot expect your brand to be looked at as something interesting and valuable by potential customers (who might be interested in your products or services), if you don’t use Twitter as a tool to make and nurture connections with them, having a long-term perspective.

Frequently share useful content with your followers, participate in ongoing conversations where you might be able to add value or help people in some way. Do this whenever possible and try having @reply posts more than your general tweets.

All these things will help you build a relationship with each one of your followers, and once you reach that point, they’ll readily welcome any relevant offer from your end.

The key point is to engage them first, and sell later.

Be quick in your responses

Please note, Twitter isn’t your general email account. Anyone who reaches out to you on Twitter expects you to respond to his/her message fairly quickly, especially when that person is facing some issue with your product/service, or the problem is time-sensitive in nature.

It is inevitable that you’ll receive tweets from your potential clients and fans once they get to know about your presence on Twitter. Whenever they contact you, it’s important that you respond to them at the earliest. In case you aren’t ready with a complete answer yet, at least acknowledge that person’s tweet right away and let him/her know that you’d be following up with a comprehensive answer soon. Ideally, it’s best to have 20 – 30 minutes’ turnaround time for such responses.

Tweet regularly

If you are someone who tweets 30 times each day continuously for a month and then disappears for a fortnight all of a sudden, the pattern will send out an inconsistency signal to your followers. None of the tips provided in the last three steps would help if you’re inconsistent in your Twitter account management. For instance, PR and marketing agencies of online casino platforms can be seen regularly tweeting about the latest games, slots etc. offered by these websites.

Set a certain specific frequency for posting your tweets, for instance, make it at least thrice a day and stick to that schedule as much as possible. You could even avail some online utilities to schedule and post your tweets and/or retweet at specific times of the week and day. Any messages that you queue up in such utility would automatically get shared through your account at the pre-specified time.

It’s important that you maintain a regular flow of tweets so as to develop confidence in your audience and stay regularly updated about the goings-on.

Take your critics head-on

There will inevitably be people who won’t agree with your views or won’t like your brand.

Anytime your personal tweet or a tweet related to your work/business attracts criticism on Twitter, it is how you react that matters the most. Although deleting the concerned tweet might seem like the quickest way to resolve the matter, it would be a huge mistake if you do that. All social media posts are permanent in nature, in the sense that even if you delete the concerned tweet, people would already have its screen shot with them to pass around. Any such deletion can prove to be even more damaging than the live tweet itself.

A few important ways in which you can protect your reputation on Twitter whenever you’re faced with any such negativity are:
– Keep your responses as quick as possible
– Never get into unwanted arguments and keep your responses positive
– Be very clear about stating the facts and putting forth your opinion
– Don’t refrain from apologizing if needed

Dealing properly with any such critics will not only minimize any damages but can also potentially help in reinforcing your opinion.

Be responsible with automation

Automating your Twitter account excessively can also be damaging for your and/or your business’s image. There’s no harm in using scheduling and automation tools as and when required, if all you want to do is:
– Synchronize your other social media account activities with your Twitter account
– Post time-sensitive updates
– Tweet at a preplanned pace throughout the day or week
– Welcome your new Twitter followers with a direct message that doesn’t seem spammy

However, you must refrain from going overboard with automation. The reason why people follow you and/or your business is to stay connected with the individual behind the account/business. Although it’s alright to use automation to better manage your Twitter updates, you must keep in mind that Twitter, as a social media platform, thrives on the fact that people can converse almost instantly. You must be present on the platform, in person, to be successful in your efforts.

Please remember that Twitter moves very fast and any missteps you take can stay with you for a long time and greatly damage your or your business’ reputation.

You must pay heed to and use all the above-detailed steps to better manage your Twitter account and make it a solid source for improving your online/offline reputation.